Me: Let’s have breakfast for dinner

Friend: You can do that?

Me: No… no you can’t… 

Friend: Oh, okay! Then we will just have salad.

Me: No.. just.. never mind. Pass the salad.

Me: Let’s have…



My friend came up to me today and asked me why ice looked like water when melted… MLL


I was texting one of my friends today and she said to me:

MY FRIEND: What does idk mean?

ME: I don’t know…?





So today in math (REMEMBER I’M IN HIGH SCHOOL!) my teacher asked us what something was (pointing to a fraction)

Because only two people raised their hands including me, my teacher asked us to raise our hands if we didn’t know what a fraction was

There goes the entire class’s hands up in the air. MLL


I went to the park and my dog was obsessed with chasing his tail.

I found it funny that he was so entertained by chasing his tail for the 10 minutes he was doing so.

Then I realized that I was entertained by my dog chasing his tail… MLL

Hello world!

This website is for all the people who…

Have ever had that one dumb girl in math ask a stupid question

Have ever heard a really funny joke, or want to hear one

Just want to have fun!

Hope you all love mylifelolz! Thanks for being a reader of my unknown blog! Spread the word!